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The Sum of Part…

The Sum of Parts project is officially back in action.  As such, I’m going to be making a new, slimmed-down, narrower-focus KludgeCity.  I already mentioned what I want to take away, but what am I going to add?  Here’s the initial wishlist:

  1. kit-bashing: the ability to add arbitrary geometry and static meshes into the Kludge pipe
  2. arbitrary boundaries: the new Kludge will use a different method for footprints, allowing for arbitrarily-shaped polygonal boundaries… possibly NURBS?
  3. easier tiers: the new system is this — choose a height, choose a number of divisions, choose a “slide” or “weight” for placement, and Kludge will handle the rest.  And of course the randomizer will control all of these behind the scenes as well.
  4. procedural shading system — because I don’t have UVs any more, I want to have a robust system for creating variation and surface shading with a minimum of fuss or hassle.
  5. gargoyles: because they’re cool.